3 Ways To Support A Child’s Personal Style

In 2019, the UK kids apparel market was worth 6.3 billion GBP, making it one of the most vibrant sectors in the industry. Indeed, shopping for kids’ clothing can be quite cumbersome, especially because these tots grow quickly. Moreover, there may be so much to choose from but with generic styles. Unfortunately, these do not make your children stand out. Again, kids have their personal styles, and it could help if you listen to them. Here are some ways to do that.

  1. Take them along for clothes shopping

When your kids are five years and above, they may have a specific preference for the clothes they wear. According to psychologists, this is the time children begin to exhibit some level of independence and fondness for things they consider favourable. When you notice this happening to your kids, one thing you can do is to take them shopping for clothes. It might be convenient to shop online for your kids’ clothes. However, you may want to do in-store clothes shopping instead.

This strategy allows your kid to come into contact with clothes of varied fabrics. They also have the opportunity to feel the textures of different clothes to help them choose what they are most comfortable with. Additionally, kids love their cartoon characters which explains why some will love to see dinosaurs or Ninja Turtles images on their clothes. Do not be surprised to see your little one ask for Barbie or Moana images for girls clothing. Admittedly, parents who shop with their kids in tow may have difficulty controlling their young ones. However, according to more experienced parents, it helps to set the parameters at home first before stepping out to shop with your children.

  1. Teach them how to match colours and textures

Jeans or denim trousers tend to match with just about any blouse or shirt. Usually, denim bottoms can be paired with casual or semi-formal tops and still look good. Secondly, when you opt for a patterned shirt, the bottom is expected to be a solid colour devoid of ‘noise.’ This goes vice versa as well. Indeed, these are fashion ‘rules’ everyone is expected to know. For kids, however, you cannot bunk your hopes on their fashion knowledge. This is why you have to teach them these basics.

Matching colours and textures can be a little more than basic. The reason is that the person dressing up is expected to have a fundamental knowledge of colour combinations and what hues create better contrast or blends. While this subject may be reserved for older individuals, your kids can learn to match soft and hard colours for a start. For example, lilac, cream, and blush can be paired with stronger shades like red, black, or purple. For kids, brightly-coloured clothes are pardonable on any given day unless a specific event says otherwise.

  1. Support their style interests

While some little boys prefer shorts to trousers, others opt for the exact opposite. For girls, some may ask for dresses, skirts, or anything with a tutu. When you observe these things happening, the best you can do is support your children’s interests. Bear in mind that these preferences form part of their identity and self-consciousness, which marks a crucial part of their growth.

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