About Us

We are a small team of lucky women, led by our editor Suzie Dutton, wanting to share our experiences and reviews with you.

What is Felifamily? Its not our surname!! Feli is the feminine version of the name Felix, which means “lucky”. And you know what – that is what we think we are – lucky women, lucky to have our families, our careers, our friends, our recipes, our side hustles, our books – all those things and more that makes every woman different.

We love travelling, food, reading, music, meeting with friends and family. Some of us have older kids, some have younger, some have none – we are all lucky (Feli) and want to share our experiences with you.

We will share some our tips on how to create fantastic side hustles, saving and making money at home, so that you can have the best life you possibly can.

We really hope you enjoy this website as much as we have enjoyed creating it.