Adding more fire and energy to daily life

Everyday life inevitably comes with a range of different challenges and setbacks, and some of these can, unfortunately, be quite dramatic.

You may be embroiled in a difficult legal battle that has required you to contact family law solicitors, for example. Or, you may not have any particular challenge that you’re contending with at this exact moment in your life, but just feel as though your day-to-day life is lacking a lot of the energy and drive that you would ideally want it to have.

Whether you are driven to achieve great things in your career, or to make a name for yourself as an artist – or whether you just want to be the best friend and family member you can be for those close to you, finding ways to add more fire and energy to daily life can be very significant.

Here are a few tips to consider trying out.

Aim to spend as much time each day in “flow states” as possible

A “flow state” is the term psychologists use for that exhilarating experience that musicians have when they are completely lost in a performance, or that athletes experience when they are completely “in the zone” – but flow states are also the sorts of things that anyone can experience over the course of everyday life.

When you are in the flow state, your sense of time and separation disappear, and you are completely engaged with what you are doing.

Importantly, flow states are extremely motivating, and they seem to be immensely powerful with regards to boosting people’s overall sense of well-being and purpose.

To get into a flow state, engage in some activity that you find meaningful and interesting, and that requires you to dedicate a significant amount of effort, without being overwhelmed. And shut out all distractions while you are doing so.

The more time you can spend in flow states each day, the higher your motivation and sense of energy each day is likely to be.

Listen to your deeper intuitions and pursue what you find meaningful

It’s difficult to feel that your life is fiery and energetic on a day-to-day basis, if you are consistently spending most of your time doing things that you find ultimately meaningless and unmotivating in and of themselves.

Fundamentally, you need to get in touch with your deeper intuitions in order to identify what it is you actually find meaningful in life.

Then, you need to take steps to actually pursue those things that you find meaningful. This may mean making a career change, taking up a new hobby, or just adjusting part of your daily routine.

Incorporate practices that help you to deeply “recharge”

You’re unlikely to feel that your everyday life is fiery and energetic, if you are chronically exhausted and don’t give yourself any room to recharge.

Today, many people are habitually overworked and sleep deprived, and this can be devastating for the ability to maintain consistent energy and enthusiasm on a daily basis.

Do what you can to incorporate practices on a daily basis, if possible, that helps you to recharge. These sorts of activities may be things like taking a stroll in nature, or simply getting more sleep.

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