Bite relief without using chemicals

So, picture the scene. You are lying by the beach, cocktail in hand, soaking up the late summer sun. A tiny scratch on your leg – the dread kicks in! Mosquito or insect, you know you are going to have an annoying itch or even bump to deal with later. Mosquito bites are a nightmare to deal with on any sunny holiday, and it can’t be ignored. Lets talk bite relief!


If you have kids, its even more of a problem. If you or your children are prone to bites, then one of the first things you pack will be your bite relief, mosquito plugs, preventative sprays. But this is all quite heavy in the suitcase, and hard on the skin, in terms of chemicals.

We have a couple of recommendations that will save your chemical usage, your pocket and your suitcase space! First of all, prevention. I would recommend that you leave the hotel room doors closed at all times. If you’re sitting on the balcony, close the door. You need to do that for the air con too! If you happen to spot any creepy crawlies, safely remove them. If there are lots – ring the hotel reception immediately. Don’t suffer in silence. If you are experiencing pests in your own home, why not check out who have all sorts of great tips and advice for you.

When you go out at night, instead of using strong chemical repellents, why not try Avon Skin So Soft. This is not an ad, purely a recommendation based on the fact that I have used it in 15 years of foreign holidays and never had a bite. Likewise with my family. My husband forgot to spray it on one night when we were in Greece this year, and guess what – a bite!

bite relief

When he got that bite, we were lucky enough to have with us a product called Bite Away, which we had been given to test out. I didn’t actually think we would be unlucky enough to need to use it! Normally, when you get a bite, you have to use spray or creams containing chemicals. Some people have reactions to this, or if you have dry skin anyway, its not great to put even more product on to them. Bite Away is a completely chemical free product. When you have a bite, you take the tool, and effectively zap your bite! It all works with heat technology and reduces the itchiness and swelling immediately. It really works – my husbands bite didn’t bother him at all. He used the Bite Away three times on holiday and didn’t get any swelling or redness.

The best thing about Bite Away is the value. Its around £33.99 but that will literally last you for years! Its battery powered and they say it lasts for around 300 applications, but then you can replace the batteries and go again! This is an ideal tool for your holiday packing, both abroad and in this country. You can buy it here, or read more about it.

Are you interested in using less chemicals in your daily life? Here we learn about environmentally friendly cleaners.

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