Carpet and flooring tips


So – its the school holidays. You have had at least six kids in your house every day (even if you only have one of your own.) You have doled out so many snacks and drinks, you’ve lost count. Check out these carpet and flooring tips.

What takes a big hit in the holidays? (Apart from you!) Your carpets!! If you have wood or laminate flooring, you can mop and sweep to your hearts content, but if you are a fan of carpets, you need to really get your head into a new cleaning routine for the summer holidays.

The first thing to do is speak to the kids. Let them know that if they spill something its fine, but they need to let you know so you can deal with it straightaway. Nothing worse than a slime stain that’s been worked into the carpet!! Carpet and flooring are expensive and they need to know how to treat them with respect.

Second, plan in a time when you can vacuum the carpet in peace. To be honest, its a great time to have a chill out! Then, every few days, have a deep clean. Sprinkle bicarbonate of soda on the carpet and leave for a while, then vacuum up with a quality vacuum like the Riccar R10CV (which you can click here to learn more about) This will absorb any smells. You can also brush the carpet with a squeegee. This will pull up any hairs, particularly useful if you have a dog or cat.

Get scrubbing!

Consider the future

You could also consider the type of carpet you buy in the future, so that your carpet cleaning is a bit less labour intensive. Aim for something with a plush but shorter fibres so that its easy to vacuum and so that food particles don’t get stuck. A great way to help the environment as well as your pocket (and your future self when cleaning!) is to buy refurbished carpet tiles. These have been cleaned so they are back to as new standard, and are a much cheaper alternative. Another advantage of carpet tiles is that if you have a particularly bad stain, you can just change one tile, not the whole carpet.

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