Choosing the perfect bracelet

An article all about bracelets, really?  Surely not!  However, choosing a perfect bracelet is a really important task – it can be difficult to match your outfit, your budget, your occasion and your mood.  So, lets learn about this beautiful accessory that literally anyone can wear.  It makes a great gift.

Wearing a bracelet can be a great idea because it will make you feel more confident. It draws attention to you and can be a fantastic conversation starter.  If you are going to an event, wearing a bracelet is an easy way to dress up your outfit and make it look nicer, without having to spend too much money on other accessories. Bracelets are also great for everyday wear because they can be worn with almost any outfit and they are very versatile.

Choosing the perfect bracelet can be a difficult task. There are so many different kinds, styles, and materials to choose from. Here are some things to consider when choosing your bracelet:

– What style do you like?

You can choose bangles, wrap around clasp, a tennis bracelet and more.  What you end up choosing very much depends on the other questions below.

– What colour is your outfit?

However – remember, you are going to be wearing this bracelet again, with other outfits.  Its best to pick something that will go with most colour clothes.  For example, a large plastic yellow bangle is very much a niche item, so you shouldn’t spend too much on it.  However, a silver charm bracelet will go with nearly everything, so you can justify spending more money.

– How much money do you want to spend?

Bracelets can be cheap and cheerful, and designer with prices to match.  Set your budget depending on how many wears you want to get out of it.  A £5 bracelet will be fine for a one-off night out.  But if you want to wear it daily, or even weekly, you will need to spend a bit more.  Work out your budget and stick to it.  Check out offers and vouchers codes for any deals.

– What materials do you prefer?

You can get leather, plastic, metal, silver, gold – anything!  This is where it gets difficult – choosing the best bracelet for you.

Check out jewellery websites like Carat London, where they have a huge selection to choose from.  Their range covers everything from sterling silver to rose and white gold, with beautiful cut stones.  Look through all the options and pick your favourite style – is it a thin chain, or a thicker one?  Perhaps you love the look of a delicate chain with just a couple of stones, or you prefer the style of the tennis bracelets?  Once you have decided (it will be hard!) check your budget – remember to sign up for their newsletter for a 10% discount!  Check out the rest of their site too for some fantastic jewellery to match your new bracelet.

I was lucky enough to be gifted a Lexi tennis bracelet and I am amazed at the quality.  It’s a fantastic piece, with gorgeous stones and the most beautiful fastening on a bracelet I have ever seen.  This is a bracelet that could be worn every day to smarten up any outfit, but also the perfect high-end accessory for evenings out. 

Did you know why its called a tennis bracelet?  Its because when Chris Evert was playing the US Open in 1987, she happened to wear one of these bracelets – it flew off her arm mid match and she asked to pause the game while she found it.  The diamond line bracelet then became known as a tennis bracelet.  I am not sure I would wear it playing tennis though!

Hopefully this has helped you choose your perfect bracelet – or one for a beloved friend or family member.  A bracelet, or other piece of jewellery, really is a gift that could last a lifetime, and provide you with hundreds of memories. Imagine wearing your beautiful tennis bracelet at your own wedding, then the same piece for your daughter’s wedding – a truly timeless quality bracelet will take you through decades.

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