Food delivery subscriptions

Food delivery subscriptions – are they worth it? In our view – absolutely yes!

hello fresh

We just got a Hello Fresh box – this is one of the more popular boxes and probably one of the oldest too. They include recipes (on cards so you have them for the future) and groovy little brown bags full of all the cupboard ingredients you need. The spices are all measured out already and the only things you need to add are oil and salt and pepper. It also comes with all your vegetables and obviously the meat, if you are a meat eater. The meat and dairy products are stored seperately in the box it comes in, with plenty of icepacks. Top tip, save some of these ice packs as they are great in the summer for picnics! Check out our other pages for more on staycations.

You can choose really easy recipes, slightly more longwinded ones, and even premium recipes with things like steak. The recipes are really easy to follow, and have plenty of pictures to help you. You can now get lunch recipes and even desserts. A fab thing about Hello Fresh is that the longer you keep your subscription going, the better the gifts are! Thats right – I’ve had a tote bag, recipe folder – plenty of free samples too. You can also decide on how many meals you want to make – sometimes the meals are pretty generous so you can make some for your lunch the next day too!!

Kids also love them – depending on the difficulty you could give a recipe card and the aforementioned groovy brown bag to your children and get them to cook tea! Make sure you supervise them, of course. Depending on age, they can really learn some fantastic cooking skills. You can even get safe but sharp knives for children to get them to help with the chopping. And don’t forget the washing up”

There are various other food delivery subscriptions sites available too, more on them to come soon.

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