Four ways to show your kids you care

Your children mean the world to you and you want them to be happy and healthy. Although you may be a busy parent and mum, it’s important to give your kids your undivided attention. Being a parent isn’t always easy so be proud of yourself for wanting to do better.

You may feel like you’ve been slacking in this area and want to gather some ideas for how you can improve your approach. When you make an effort to be there for them then you’ll be able to grow a stronger bond over time. Here are four ways to show your kids you care and love them so you can have a rewarding relationship.

1. Listen Attentively

Show your kids you care and love them by actively listening when they are speaking. Put your phone down and eliminate any distractions so you can make eye contact and hear what they have to say clearly. Listen attentively and repeat back what you hear to make sure you fully understand. Ask for their opinion to ensure their voice is heard and that they feel like their input matters. Listening closely to them will also help build their confidence because they’ll know that what they have to say and share matters.

2. Celebrate Milestones & Have Fun Together

Another way to show your kids you care and love them is to get in the habit of celebrating milestones with them. Make them feel special on their birthday by looking into children’s parties from Snakes and Ladders and inviting their friends to join. Later in life, you can celebrate graduations and even their wedding day together. Have fun and be silly with your kids so that you can truly enjoy life and your time as a family. Use humour to connect and communicate to them that not everything in life needs to be taken so seriously.

3. Support Them in Their Activities & Interests

If you want to show your kids you care and love them then be good and consistent about supporting them. Show an interest in their activities and what they like to do in their free time and what they’re involved with at school. Rearrange your schedule so you can attend their plays or sports games and cheer them on. Praise them when they succeed and excel at their activities but also be there for them when they need to be lifted up or they feel like they fail.

4. Tell Them

Be mindful of how you talk to your kids and what you say. Show your kids you care and love them by telling them regularly. Say the words, “I love you” and tell them that you care about them. The more you verbally express your love for them the more it is that they’ll start to truly believe it and feel loved. Smile all you can and try to remain positive in your interactions with them. Your words carry a lot of weight so be intentional about what you say and praise them to help build their self-esteem and confidence.

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