Freedom Day

Freedom Day, as its been called, is the 19th July 2021 for England. This means that most current COVID restrictions will be relaxed, and life can go on pretty much as normal. This is great news for lots of businesses, smaller pubs and restaurants, theatres, nightclubs and many more.

freedom day

However, how do you feel about it? Will you feel safe, standing next to someone at the bar? Or will you continue to wear your mask and socially distance?

There is no right answer – the correct answer is that everyone should respect other people’s views. I have seen so many arguments on social media about this, and the fall out from trolls and others is not nice to see. If you want to wear your mask, you absolutely have the right to do so. Its not appropriate for people to force their views on others, nor is it appropriate to put someone at risk. Be sensible – if you’re in a crowded lift and you have a cough – get the mask on! If only for politeness.

You can, of course, take things slowly. Start by visiting a few more friends and family, but stay outside. If you are feeling nervous in shops and bars, continue to wear that mask. Its still going to be super important to hand sanitise, so make sure you have taken a little bag with you, with sanitiser, wipes and spare masks. Then, as you get more confident, you could go into a restaurant with friends, again remaining socially distant. As you feel safer, and particularly if you have been vaccinated, its likely that you will feel more confident. Don’t let others bully you into doing things you aren’t comfortable with – if you don’t want to go to a nightclub, say so – you can suggest having a garden party instead! Or just stay at home! If friends want you to join them for dinner, why not try a food delivery service? (This is a referral link not an ad)

Will you be happy to visit cinemas and nightclubs after Freedom Day? Let us know below!

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