Fulfilling your dreams

New years are made of dreams. With every new revolution of the Earth around the sun, people refresh their hopes and expectations. Manifesting really works.

This year is going to be the year where I make it big. 

This year, my dreams will come true. 

This year, I will succeed.

You may dream of a big home in the countryside, for example. Or, you may want to publish the story you’ve been writing during your spare time. Or, perhaps, you feel so overwhelmed by the dreams of those around you that you are not sure what you want to achieve for yourself. Yet, regardless of what success may look like to each individual, we all wish to taste it. 

If you are thinking, “when it is time to put the final date for my cemetery grave headstone, I do not want to go feeling like I missed out on my life.”, then you are probably wondering how a dream can become a reality.  

Dreams act as directional cues that show what we wish for ourselves. Yet, it can be easy to get confused between your dreams, wishful thinking, and other people’s expectations. Here are a few tips to inject meaningful and achievable dreams into your life. 

Identify the things that truly make you happy

To the question, does a dream make an original life, the answer is no. Dreams do not need to be original or unique to matter. The dream is the compass designed to show the direction in which you want to take your life. 

However, it is essential to truly understand which are your dreams and which are influenced by your peers. To do so, you need to learn to shut down the white noise around you and create your dream space, a quiet spot with no distractions. Use the time for self-exploration to understand what you enjoy, what you want for yourself, and where you want to be. You may uncover new truths about your aspirations along the way. 

Unlock the flow state

As positive psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi explains, the flow state is a state of mind in which you are completely immersed in an activity. When you experience the flow state, your entire being is connected to the activity. It’s typically associated with creative arts, such as a painter being focused on the canvas. But it can occur for all sorts of activities, such as sports. 

Being in the flow makes the experience intrinsically rewarding in itself and enhances your creativity and energy. More importantly, in an everyday environment, the cognitive flow state can actively help you find merit in the tasks that will lead to fulfiling your dreams. 

Set a plan in action

Dreams are not real until you set a plan to achieve them. Some dreams, of course, are unrealistic, such as wishing for a lottery win. But, more often than not, a lottery win is a means to an end, rather than the dream itself. 

It makes no sense to start a new year with a head full of dreams if you do not give yourself the means to achieve them. Consequently, the moment you identify the skills, contacts, and tasks you need to bring your dream closer, you give yourself the chance to achieve it. 

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