Gruum sunscreen review

We have been asked to review Gruum sunscreen – for clarity, we were given a bottle of SPF 30 and a facial SPF 50 to try out. A sunscreen review is just what we needed for our upcoming holiday!

I have just been to Greece, in a heatwave. I have never needed sunscreen as much. For background, I am paler than Casper the friendly ghost. I seek the shade and still I burn. For this holiday, I used Gruum facial sunscreen for the whole week – my face has never looked better in the sun! It went on smoothly, almost felt like a moisturiser. It wasn’t greasy and sunk in very quickly. I didn’t wear make up over the top but my face still didn’t look greasy, even after a day in the sun. Its so important to protect your face – sun damage is what causes wrinkles after all!


On my body, for the first two days I used a factor 50 supermarket brand sunscreen. I didn’t burn, but it was greasy and went everywhere when I tried to apply. After two days, I started to use Gruum factor 30. This was a delight – again it applied very easily, absorbed into my skin quickly, and also had a nice smell. The bottle is lovely- I had several comments about it on the beach. The flat bottle fitted easily into my bag, too.


The price is great too – only £5 for the facial sunscreen and £8 for the body sunscreen. This is a great price for a high end product. You can buy online, which is so much easier than traipsing round busy and hot shops.

Sunscreen is not just for abroad. You should always use SPF on your face, whether in make up or moisturisers. When its actually sunny in the uk then Gruum comes into its own once more, with the portability of these bottles meaning you can slip them into any handbag.

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