Here’s Why Everyone Should Start Buying Lab-Grown Diamonds

Jewellery is extremely popular throughout the world. Everyone loves to get a piece now and then – be it a ring, necklace, bracelet; you name it! The funny thing about jewellery is that it hasn’t really changed that much over the years. We rarely see new ideas introduced, until now!  have you heard of lab-grown diamonds?

Lately, one of the biggest fashion trends is to be more eco-conscious. This has led people to ditch the concept of fast fashion and find more sustainable ways of buying clothes. In turn, this has bled into the jewellery industry with something called lab-grown diamonds. Effectively, this is a new way of growing diamonds, preventing them from being mined from the earth. In fact, it has become so popular that there are calls for everyone to start buying these diamonds over ‘natural’ ones. 

Why? Well, here are the key arguments: 

Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Ethical & Eco-Friendly

One of the main reasons people are encouraged to buy these diamonds is that they are ethical and eco-friendly. Lab-grown diamonds are exactly as you’d expect; they’re grown in a lab. The cool thing is, fancy science technology can recreate the conditions that make diamonds naturally form. So, they are still real diamonds, just grown differently. 

As a result, way fewer carbon emissions are created when these diamonds are grown – particularly if we compare them to mining for diamonds. Plus, less of the earth is impacted. When someone mines for diamonds, they can dig away at loads of natural resources that affect the surrounding environment. Lab diamonds keep the earth intact and are way better for the environment. 

Furthermore, the practice of growing diamonds in a laboratory is way more ethical than mining for them. It’s no secret that the diamond mining industry is riddled with human rights issues, so it is better to opt for ones grown in a lab. 

Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Cheaper

Yes, it is more affordable to buy diamonds that are grown in a lab. Look at places like Annys jewellers and compare the natural diamonds to the lab-grown ones. Instantly, you struggle to tell the difference. These lab diamonds still look real but compare the price tags between the two. It is far more affordable to get a bigger and better diamond if it is grown in a lab. 

From a financial perspective, this is absolutely fantastic. It allows you to get diamond jewellery without breaking the bank. If anything, you can afford better-looking jewellery with better diamonds, but at a fraction of the expected costs. 

In summary, lab-grown diamonds are just the better option on all accounts. Truthfully, there’s not really a reason to buy natural diamonds anymore. It’s kind of like choosing between an electric car and a traditional one; you know the electric option is way better for the environment and more cost-effective. It is also going to be more prevalent in the future. So, why opt for something that is much worse for the planet and outdated?!

We don’t see many advancements in the world of jewellery, but lab-grown diamonds are certainly something that’s here to stay. If you want to make more eco-conscious and ethical decisions, this is a great place to start.

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