How siblings can share a bedroom successfully

Siblings sharing a bedroom is a tricky topic. Some parents think that it’s fine while others think that it’s too much trouble and kids need their own space. Ideally, everybody will have their own room but that isn’t always an option.  If you do find yourself in a situation where the kids need to share, it’s important that you approach the situation in the right way to make sure you avoid any problems. These are some of the best tips to make it work when siblings share a bedroom. 

Consider The Age Of The Kids

Some children will be able to share a bedroom all the way through their childhood and others may only want to do it for a few years. Asking an older child if they can stand having a younger one sleep in the same room as them may not go down well and could cause problems. Teenagers are going through a very formative time in their lives and they need their own personal space to process this. If you have very young kids, getting them to share isn’t a problem. But as they get older, you may need to think about moving house so everybody can have their own room. 

Create Personal Spaces In The Bedroom

It’s important for kids to have their own space, even if they share a room. This will help them feel more comfortable in the room and they won’t have to fight over it. Often, personal space can be created with special shelves and by letting each child decorate their own area of the room. You could even use simple room partitions to break the space up. Giving each child their own dedicated space will help to avoid arguments again in the future. 

Use Bunk Beds

Privacy is very important when siblings are sharing a room. Some children may not want to know what their brother or sister is doing and this should be respected. Using kids bunk beds is a good option as they allow for each child to have their own bed without taking up too much room. They also physically separate them so it doesn’t feel like they are constantly sharing with a sibling. This might not seem like a big thing but it makes a huge difference. 

Deal With Conflict Straight Away

Siblings sharing a room can often lead to arguments. These are usually born out of simple things like one child not putting their shoes away or borrowing something without asking first. When you know that there is going to be conflict, it’s important to deal with it straight away before it escalates. Start teaching your kids about conflict resolution and how they should talk through their problems with each other whenever possible. Parents often think it’s best to let the kids work it out themselves but this never ends well, so intervene right away and smooth things over. 

Siblings sharing a bedroom can be tricky, but if you follow these tips, you can make it work.

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