How to create a hotel experience at home

One of the best things about going on a trip is the accommodation, particularly the hospitality that is received. Most hotels, especially the higher-end ones will look to create an experience for the guest that’s unique and unforgettable. These can include luxurious amenities such as a spa, pool, breakfast, décor, cocktails, room service, hotel view, and so much more.  Hotels definitely know how to pamper their guests, and that’s why many guests will look into getting luxury hotels. Here we will look at how to create a hotel experience at home.

 Since hotels are such a wonderful indulgence, it’s no wonder that many people will try to create this experience at home. Hotels can be pretty expensive but the experience itself is just too wonderful. Travel may be difficult during times like these, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to pamper yourself every once in a while. You can still save your money and enjoy life!

Start with taking a look at your bedroom

Compare your room to the average hotel suite, what are some of the key differences? Is it soft linen? The plush pillows? What about the aroma that lingers in the air from a hotel room? You don’t need to give your bedroom a makeover or anything, just spruce it up a bit.  You want to feel absolutely comfortable so this may include having a fresh bouquet of flowers, a nicely packaged luxurious candle, and some fresh linens on your bed. It can really make all the difference.

Look at your bathroom

The bathroom is where one of the major unforgettable experiences in a hotel happens. This is where you feel like you can relax, unwind, and get squeaky clean. You can drop a little bit of money to get some nice toiletries if you don’t already own some. This should also include having some nice plush towels and maybe some hotel robes with matching slippers too. There’s truly no doubt about it that you’ll feel fantastic getting to do this for yourself. Make sure your bathroom is truly luxurious – this bathroom fitter Eastbourne shows exactly what can be done to make a real hotel type experience.

Drink up

Luxurious hotels tend to have their own signature cocktails or type of a drink that helps them stand out. So why not do this with yourself? Whether it’s some good old H2O or any other drink you enjoy, just have some fun with it. Maybe look into making your own cucumber and mint water, or even your very own cocktail. It doesn’t need to be expensive either, just use what you already have.

Breakfast in bed

Who doesn’t love breakfast in bed? That’s one of the great things that hotels provide! You can either order some food online or even prepare it the night before and service it to yourself in bed. Just don’t forget a proper tray table to make it all the more special.

Sleep in

One of the beauties of staying in a hotel is all about getting to sleep in and taking it easy. Just spend one day waking up whenever you want to wake up, just lounge around in bed, and take your time. Maybe even get out a book or newspaper to read while you wake up.

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