How to ensure a clean divorce when you have kids

Divorce can negatively impact your child’s mental health, and it is something all parents should try to avoid regardless of how they feel for one another. While the end of any relationship is upsetting, especially when you had so many plans for each other and your future, you need to know how to ensure your split is clean to prevent damaging your kids and your relationship with your kids. 

Find A Reliable Attorney

Bad attorneys lead to bad divorces. If you want to avoid this, you need to find a firm familiar with divorces, co-parenting, and other essentials that will make your divorce easier on your kids. The likes of Family Law Solicitors Norton Peskett have a range of services that match these needs and can make the process easier on you and your partner while also considering how much of an impact the divorce may have on your kids. 

Do Not Fight In Front Of Them

Divorce typically begets fights as both of you battle it out to be the one in the right. While winning an argument can feel good, it isn’t worth having substantial arguments in front of your children. Not only could the loud noises upset them, but your kids may also see a side of you that they do not like. Considering how impressionable kids can be, this could severely alter your relationship with them for many years and can even make any custody demands impossible. 

Consider All Options 

For many, divorce is the worst-case scenario. No one wants to get divorced, so it is best to consider all of your options before you make anything official. Trial separations or starting anew can help but not always. If you feel like you have no choice but to get divorced because of other factors like infidelity, crime, or financial issues, then you need to consider what you will do with your belongings. You can make your home ready to sell quickly to generate funds and give both of you a fresh start. 

Be Fair About Child Custody 

Child custody is always a tricky point during a divorce. Typically, the court sides with the mother, although this may change depending on your circumstances. If you are getting divorced because you are simply not compatible anymore–and there is no genuine bad blood–then being fair about custody can make the divorce much easier on your kids. 

Learn How to Speak to Kids About Divorce

Kids are not stupid. They will notice what is happening even if you don’t argue all the time. When they realize you are getting divorced, they may think it’s their fault, which can lead to mental health struggles. You and your partner must sit down with them and explain the divorce to them. You don’t need to get into details, but you can remind them that you still love them. 


Any divorce is hard. But if you feel like there is no other option, you must remember that it will not only affect you and your partner. Your kids are also a part of your family, and these trips will make it easier for you to protect them and prevent any lingering issues between everyone. Hopefully, you can continue to work together like adults for the benefit of your children.

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