How to freshen up your kitchen without breaking the bank

New Year New House? Often at the start of a year, you want to make changes – within yourself, your job, your home.  However, you can’t feasibly move house every year, and its expensive!  Why not improve one of the most important rooms in the home, your kitchen.

Here how to update your kitchen without spending too much.

First of all, set your budget.  Don’t be unrealistic, and make sure you have a little bit of wiggle room too. 

1) Paint the walls in a shade that will work with your current colour scheme.  Go neutral and don’t over think it.  You want your walls to be clean and simple.

2) Replace the old tap with an updated one that looks sleek and modern.  A really good kitchen tap can make the whole kitchen look more upmarket.

3) Add some colourful accessories to spice up the space and add personality to the room.  Don’t go over the top though – think simple and stylish.  Bins are important – don’t go for the plastic options, try to find a stylish metal bin that fits with your colour scheme.  If you have room, choose one with a recycling option too.

4) Change the flooring – this is the area you should spend most of your budget on.  Getting some really good quality lvt flooring in a great colour, will totally transform your kitchen.  A light grey would go with white or grey cupboards, and make the room seem larger.  Go for a darker colour if you have a large room.  Hard wearing, good quality flooring will last for years, and will totally change the look of your kitchen.

5) Replace cabinet doors if required, or for a much more budget friendly option, change the door handles.  You could even mix and match them, with a few novelty handles mixed in.  Painting the cabinets is another option, use Frenchic paint for the best finish.

6) Think about inside your cupboards too.  Buy jars and small boxes to organise your food, and label them.  An organised kitchen is always a more productive kitchen. 

Now you have a gorgeous new kitchen, you can invite friends round for dinner to show it off!  Get some great party dress ideas here.

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