How To Involve Kids In Your Holiday Planning

Holidays can be an exciting experience for the family. But most of the time, the adults take on all the responsibility of the planning, which makes it quite overwhelming. But you don’t have to do it alone, especially because every family member may have varying interests. According to research, two-thirds of UK children love to have fun in the country just as they do outside. Having this in mind, it would be a great idea to try something new when travelling with kids by involving them in the planning process. It makes them feel heard, and it is more likely that everybody will enjoy the trip. If you lack ideas on how to pull it off, these points may help. They can look at the holiday costs even, see if they can save you any money, or more interesting ideas like how much does it cost to buy a private jet?

  1. Let them lead in finding fun activities

This is heavily reliant on the child’s age. Toddlers are more than happy to tag along with their parents if their immediate needs are met. However, how about your older children? If six-year-olds can express their fun needs and desires, how much more your ten-year-old? It is a good idea to allow them to lead in finding fun activities they would love to engage in.

It could be swimming, camping, beach racing, zip-lining, or any other activity they consider fun. Your job is to allow them to list as many as possible, after which you may have to narrow down the options. In doing the latter, it is crucial to help them understand why some fun activities did not make the cut. If it helps, your children can help narrow down the process to curtail any disappointed feelings. It is also worth noting that their list of fun activities can help determine the family holiday destination spot. That will be discussed in the next point.

  1. Choosing the destination

After narrowing the fun options, the next step is choosing the destination. First of all, is it a holiday in the UK or abroad? Whichever it is, how about helping your little ones locate potential destinations on a map? If your kids are old enough, you can encourage them to list a few reasons to support their desire to visit a specific holiday spot. Some households who used this technique discovered that their children’s choices were based on history lessons in class or from favourite kid show characters.

Usually, destinations regarding adventure holidays for kids are deeply rooted in things your young ones may have seen on TV. You can add an interesting twist to this. First, help them identify popular landmarks or historical sites they would love to experience in person. For example, Stonehenge may come up if the holiday spot is in Wiltshire. Your kids may have seen these historical stones in Thor or Transformers: The Last Knight. As a parent, you may be surprised to learn a few things from your kids’ selection. Indeed, this may help you and your kids feel connected to the destination even before setting foot there.

  1. Let them help with the online aspects

Statistics indicate that 74% of UK families search the internet for holiday-related content before travelling. If the data is anything to go by, this can be an area your older kids can help out with. Under your guidance, they can help you book affordable accommodation online. All they need to do is check for the prices attached to different hotels or lodges. Once you let them know the budget, this will be an easy task for them to follow.

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