How to remember loved ones

When you lose someone, the idea that you could forget them is one of the hardest parts about it. Or that remembering how sad it was to lose them will make you forget how happy you were when you were with them. The good thing is that you’ll never forget them. And there are ways to remember someone who has died that can help you celebrate all the good things about them. Here are some suggestions.

Honour Their Wishes

The first thing you can do to remember someone who has passed away is to honour their wishes when it comes to their funeral or celebration of life. If they had pre paid funeral plans in place, you’ll know exactly what to do and what they want, making this an easier process to go through. 

If there was no plan in place, try to think of the things they loved most in life and ensure they become part of the funeral planning. Speak to other family members and try to come up with a range of ideas that you can all contribute to. This will help you feel closer to your departed loved one and help make the funeral into something they would definitely have wanted. 

Plant A Tree Or Plant

Planting a tree or perennial flower that was special to them can be a touching way to honour their memory, especially if you or a loved one has access to a garden. Planting a tree or shrub in their honour and watching it grow and bloom each year can be a deeply uplifting way to honour their memory. Rose bushes are a popular choice for memorial flowers since their fragrant blossoms and peaceful aura make them ideal for meditation and reflection. 

Keep Something Of Theirs With You

This could be as simple as always wearing their jewellery or watch. Or perhaps a piece of clothing: a favourite shirt could be worn, made into a pillow, or put in a frame to make art. There are also businesses that make teddy bears out of the clothes of people who have died. A slightly different way to remember a special person who has died is to have their ashes turned into jewellery.

Choose A Place To Remember Them

Choosing a plaque for a bench at a loved-favourite one’s place of beauty or a stone outside their team’s football field can be a beautiful way to honour them in public. It also gives you and others who miss them a place to go and think about the past. You can remember a loved one at many local attractions or scenic spots, or you can ask your local council how to set up a public bench to show how much you care.

Write To Them

When you’re having trouble with anything, writing can help you feel better. So, writing a letter to a loved one who has passed away can be a beautiful way to feel close to them and work through your grief. You can keep letters or send them by burying them at the grave or where the ashes will be scattered. You could also put them in a fire or use a bottle to send them out to sea.

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