Important health habits to teach your children young

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As a parent, you pass on more than just DNA to your offspring. Children take up on your tendencies, both good and negative. Show your children that you care about them by offering some health tips, taking them to the doctor and dentist at Wahroonga Dental regularly. that they will remember long after you are gone.  Here are some important health habits to teach them.

Make dining more vibrant

Eating foods of various hues is not only enjoyable; it also has health benefits. Help your children realise the nutritional value of eating a rainbow of bright foods on a regular basis. 

That doesn’t mean that every meal has to be colourful. However, you should make an effort to include a variety of fruits and vegetables of various colours in their diet. Allow the hues to alternate between red, blue, and orange, as well as yellow, green, and white.

Breakfast should not be skipped

Instilling a routine of regular mealtimes in childhood can increase the likelihood that your children will retain this healthy habit as they grow older. Teach them that a nutritious breakfast includes: 

  • boosts their brain and energy
  • keeps them robust
  • puts chronic diseases at bay 

Obesity is four times more likely when you don’t have breakfast. Furthermore, the high fibre content of many morning cereals can help lower the risk of diabetes and heart disease. However, keep an eye on the sugar content.

Choose fun physical activities

Sports are not for every child. Some people may dread gym class. However, if they witness you being active and find physical activities that they enjoy, they will find it easier to stay healthy and active. 

They will almost certainly carry their enthusiasm for these pursuits into adulthood. If your child hasn’t found their sport yet, encourage them to keep trying and get involved with them. Introduce children to a variety of athletic activities such as swimming, archery, and gymnastics.

Read every day 

Developing excellent reading abilities is a critical component of your child’s future success in school and at employment. Reading, according to the Cleveland Clinic, increases a child’s self-esteem, connections with parents and others, and future achievement. It is recommended that you incorporate reading into your child’s playtime and bedtime rituals. Reading to children every day can begin as early as 6 months of age. 

Enjoy a family dinner 

With busy family schedules, it can be difficult to find time to sit down and enjoy a meal together. But it’s worth a shot. 

Sharing a family dinner entails: 

  • Family ties strengthen 
  • Children are well adjusted. 
  • Everyone consumes more healthful foods. 
  • Children are less likely to be fat or overweight, and they are less likely to use drugs or drink alcohol.

Maintain an optimistic attitude

When things don’t go their way, it’s natural for kids to become discouraged. Show kids the value of being positive when they face setbacks to help them acquire resilience. 

Positive thinking and healthy connections can help both children and adults. It will also help them with their communication and listening.

Teach your children that they are lovable, capable, and unique no matter what problems they face to help them build good self-esteem and a positive outlook.

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