Love to Blog? Here’s how to make money from blogging!

Blogging is a popular method to earn income online. Statistics reveal that 77% of internet users read blogs, while 4.4 million blog posts are published daily on all platforms. Although blogging is profitable, you need to apply certain strategies to obtain the desired results. Fortunately, there are many ways to earn good money while blogging, including the following.

  1. Affiliate marketing 

Affiliate marketing helps you earn on your blog site. It is an advertising model where businesses work with bloggers to promote their goods and services. Statistics indicate that the UK holds 15% of the world’s affiliate marketing market, second only to the US. Likewise, a UK-based affiliate earns approximately £34,641 annually. In affiliate marketing, you can refer your readers to products by sharing them on your blog. When someone purchases something via a recommended link you share, you earn a commission. 

It is important to understand the process to be successful at affiliate marketing. You can begin by picking a niche to help you target a particular category of people. As a tip, determine if your chosen niche will stay relevant for a long time and whether affiliate programs are available. You can also leverage Google trends to identify items or services that people will easily purchase. It’s also prudent to research various affiliate programs relating to your niche to determine the best option. E-commerce giants like Amazon offer good affiliate programs, so keep this in mind. 

  1. Sponsored blog posts sales 

A sponsored blog post refers to content that bloggers publish to promote a business’s products and services to targeted readers. With sponsored posts, businesses can pay you to talk about their items and encourage your readers to purchase them. They are easy ways to earn from your blog, so you want to utilise them if you haven’t already. However, you don’t just jump into it, as there are certain things that you must consider. For instance, you need a substantial traffic rate and social media following to attract potential sponsors. Likewise, your site should be well-organized and easy-to-use to rank higher on SERPs. 

It’s important to ensure that your potential sponsors are a good fit for your blog’s niche to target the right people. Likewise, ascertain their google rankings and how they impact your domain and pages. Creating a sponsored posts page on your site is beneficial for a more organised feel. 

  1. Product sales

Your blog isn’t limited to posting content alone. You can take it further by selling products on your site. Fortunately, you can easily sell ebooks, printables, digital subscriptions, online courses, physical products, etc. It’s important to build a large audience on your blog to increase your chances of getting potential buyers for your products. As a tip, post relevant content consistently to keep your readers loyal to your blog. After achieving this, you can begin your products sales by recognising your readers’ needs and recommending items that can solve them. As a tip, be honest and neutral about your products, as customers will likely patronise items that are accurately represented. If you use a WordPress blog, you can easily convert it into an e-commerce site and boost its security. That said, here’s the link to help you out. 

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