Make Money From Your Pinterest Account

Can You Make Money From Your Pinterest Account?

If you dive into a Facebook group or other place where bloggers and online business
owners hang out, it won’t be long before you run into someone asking the question.


Can you make money from your Pinterest account? Now the answer to this isn’t a yes
or no so let’s take a look at what’s what.

How do you make money online?
Before you can consider if you can make money from Pinterest, it is worth thinking
about how you make money online. There’s tons of ways but here’s a few of the most
● Services such as content writing, being a virtual assistant, a Pinterest manager
● Digital products such as eBooks, courses, printables, checklists
● Affiliate income where you promote other people’s products for a commission
● Ad income where you make money from people being on your site

Now there’s one thing that most of these have in common (or at the least the last three,
the first one is a little different). They all need the traffic to succeed. Whether that’s
people to see and buy your eBook, people to click affiliate links, or just people viewing
your page to generate ad income, traffic is essential.

How you can make money from Pinterest

So it is clear that no matter what route you are taking to make money on your blog or
digital business, there’s a good chance that traffic will play a big part in it. And that’s
where Pinterest comes in.
As a visual search engine, Pinterest has the potential to be a top traffic source, if not
your top one entirely. That means you can use your Pinterest marketing to drive traffic
to your website to get those ad revenues, affiliate clicks, product sales, and more.
So while you don’t directly make money from Pinterest, you can make money from the
traffic that you get from Pinterest.

Strategic pinning to make money

You can also take your pinning strategy a bit further when you get your account to start
working for you.
One example is to create pins that lead either straight to your digital product or to an
email freebie that has a tripwire product after it. By getting people to see your product
or freebie, you can either make money directly or increase your email list, with a side
order of potentially making money on your tripwire.
Another example is affiliate pins. Some programs allow you to pin an image to Pinterest
that leads straight to affiliate products. If someone clicks these and makes a purchase,
you can make your affiliate commission. You do need to make it very clear on the pin
that this is an affiliate product and ensure your disclosures are in place.

Promoted pins to make money

The final way you can make money with Pinterest actually involves spending a little.
Promoted pins or Pinterest ads are the way to pay money to have your pins seen by a
specific audience or people with certain interests.
While promoted pins are a whole different topic, let’s just say you have that digital
product. You can promote a pin that leads to it using keywords that people would use
when searching for what the product is about. That way you could increase your sales –
just remember to balance it with any ad spend to see what you are really making!

Making money from Pinterest marketing

While you’ll never see Pinterest as a source of money in your bank account, you can
use it to make money by boost traffic to the ways you make your money. From affiliates
to ads, services to products, there are lots of options and ways to use Pinterest smartly
to get more eyes on them.

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