Money Saving Tips

Some of our favourite money saving tips

money saving tips

1.Cook from scratch– Make your own meals instead of buying expensive pre-cooked ones. It might take a little more time but it will save you money in the long term. Also make sure you go yellow sticker shopping.

2.Use vouchers and promotional codes – We all have different spending habits, so it’s hard to come up with an accurate estimate on how much you can save by using vouchers. However, some estimates show that someone who shops for groceries online and uses vouchers could save up to 20% of their annual grocery bill.

3.Skip the morning coffee – If you’re looking for ways to cut back on your daily expenses, skipping that morning coffee could make a big difference in the long run! A cappuccino or latte from Starbucks costs approximately £2-£4 each day and if you buy one for 5 days that is a huge expense!

4. Stick to a budget: The most important part of the process is shopping around for the best deals to ensure that you are not overspending. There is no need to buy everything at once and there is no need to make impulse purchases.


5. Always shop around for the best deals: One of the most common mistakes people make when they are on a budget is assuming that they will be getting a better deal by going to one store when in reality, there might be a better deal across town or online.

6. Pay attention to what goes into you: You should also pay attention when you are buying food, drinks, and other items from places like supermarkets, restaurants, and convenience stores because they can add up quickly and bring your budget way more than you planned. Try keeping your receipts for a week to see how much you REALLY spend, then work out what you can cutback on.

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