Mothers Day Gift Guide 2022

Are you a bit stuck on what to buy for your Mum this year? Perhaps you have to buy for a few different Mum’s – or even just friends. How lovely to buy a single parent a thoughtful gift at this time of year, where it can be difficult for many people. We are here to help with this gift guide.

We’ve come up with a great list of fantastic ideas for presents this year – hope you enjoy them! AD – contains gifted items

HappySmith Gifts – a wide collection of beautifully curated gifts, most fitting through your letterbox. Imagine the delight when your mum or chosen recipient get a a box of luxurious goodies to discover. Really good prices too, starting from just £10.99.

Batch Coffee subscription – for the woman who really does have everything. Imagine the luxury of having two different types of coffee sent to you every month – we tested two gorgeous pour over grinds which made the whole house smell gorgeous for days. You can choose from various types of coffee – whole beans or different types of ground. You can pick how often you want your delivery, and can cancel any time. Subscribe here from £14.49 a box .

Period pads – a great way to introduce Mums or friends to environmentally friendly sanitary wear. These great pads are super absorbent and easily washed – its recommended to get two or three packs, but then you have helped save the planet, and in the long run, your pocket. We found them to be comfortable and effective. TradetoAid also donate a pack of pads to a refugee for each pack bought. Buy pads here from £29.99

Oakabooks Space Race game – why not get a game the whole family can enjoy? Oakabooks supply fantastic products designed for dyslexic and SEN pupils, to help make curriculum topics accessible for everyone, whatever their reading skills. We tested this Space Race game which tests you on physics questions – some are easy and some are hard. Our autistic tester found it fun and engaging, especially when Mum couldn’t answer some of the questions. Check out their topic packs and other games too. A great gift for everyone. Buy the Space Race game here for £29.98

Arran Sense of Scotland luxury products. We tried out a beautiful Bath and Body care set called After the Rain – if only there was smell-internet! It smelt amazing and was a real treat. The company makes products on the beautiful Isle of Arran, and the scents are inspired by the natural environment. These are high end but a fantastic gift. Buy the After the Rain set here for £30.

Spice Kitchen spice tins – is your Mum an avid cook? Why not take a look at Spice Kitchen’s range of gorgeous spices, from Indian to Moroccan and more. The spices are blended in small batches, meaning you have the best possible selection, and the tins are beautiful. There is a small spoon included and you can buy the refills too. And, each purchase of a tin or set means that a donation is made to a chairty in India helping with food poverty. Buy the stunning sari wrapped Indian Spice tin here for £35

Revive Beauty Complex – a daily supplement that helps your hair, skin and nails. This would make a perfect gift for busy Mums. Simply dissolve the sachet in water and drink daily – it tastes lovely, a sort of citrussy flavour. We have only been taking it for a few days and already feel brighter in the mornings. The gift set comes with two months worth of sachets, and a great hairbrush that helps avoid breaking your hair when its wet. Buy the Revive Beauty Complex Gift Set here for £80

Magnitone’s Dermaqueen – this is a luxury gift that you or your mum will appreciate forever. The Dermaqueen works miracles on your face by gently de-fluffing your skin, removing dead skin cells and fine hairs on your face. Our tester was blown away by the immediate improvement and also by how easy it was. Dermaplaning is becoming more and more popular, and now you can do it yourself. The gift set comes with replacement blades and a charger, although as you should only use it every couple of weeks, the battery lasts ages. Buy the Dermaqueen here for £59 currently (March 22) – normally £90

Poo-pourri! For a novelty gift that is actually really useful, why not buy your Mum some Poo-Pourri! Yes, it really is what you think. Spray the bowl of the toilet before you “go” with one of their scented sprays (try the Wild Poppy Berry or the Lavender Vanilla – but they have all sorts of fragrances to suit everyone) – and it masks any odours. These have been heavily tested in the Felifamily office with a lot of laughter, and no nasty smells! A great addition to downstairs loos and in your bag for public toilet visits. Buy Poo-Pourri here with free shipping from £6.99 a bottle. Check out their shoe spray too.

Ab roller home work out set – for the more fit among us, or maybe for those trying to be! Amonax provide a full range of fitness gear, all perfect for the budding and experienced athlete. We tested the ab roller home work out set, and whilst we don’t appear to have a six pack yet, its certainly going to help us on the way! It consists of the roller, push up bars, a mat so that your knee doesn’t slip, and a skipping rope for some all important cardio. The instructions are very good, and you can find more great tips on the Amonax website. This is a very good quality piece of equipment for the price, and a great addition to any home gym. Buy the ab roller home work out set here for £19.99.

Amazon Handmade pocket money items – our kids often want to buy us gifts for special occasions, but chocolates can sometimes be the only thing they can afford. Amazon have realised this and come up with some great selections on their Handmade section, called the pocket money range. We tested a fantastic Zesty bath bomb for just £3.49 and a lovely silver plated heart disc necklace for £5.99. Check out the rest of the pocket money range here

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