How to Use the Pinterest Trends Tool to Help with Content Research

pinterest trends

Pinterest doesn’t have a keyword research tool but it does have a handy feature that
can help you with content research, planning your content calendar, and deciding what
to pin and when. Let’s look at how to use the Pinterest Trends tool to help with content
research and more.

What is the Pinterest Trends tool?

Pinterest Trends is a feature within Pinterest designed to help you understand what is
working and when on the platform. It can be used alongside other tools such as their
monthly and seasonal updates to help decide when you should publish content or how
to handle seasonal topics.
Most all accounts have access to it and to find it, select the Analytics drop-down menu
within your Pinterest profile. At the bottom there’s the ‘Trends’ option – select this for the
tool to open.

Researching a topic

Trends will default to either your location if available or to the US. You can change this
if you want to research a topic for somewhere else. For example, someone in the UK
might want to see when Mother’s Day content is popular in the UK and then compare
this to the US as they are at different times.
Below the search bar, there’s a load of current popular topics. These aren’t based on
your account but on Pinterest as a whole so some may be irrelevant to you. If you do
want to know more about them, select one to open the trends search.
Otherwise, pop the search term you want into the search bar and hit to search.

Using the information

As long as the term is in the keyword database, you’ll open up a screen with a graph on
it. The graph always starts from your current date so the information will seem to move
as you go through the year.
The idea is that the highest peak is when the topic is most popular. It shows a number
of dates across the bottom bar for guidance and if you hover over a certain part of the
graph, it will show you the exact information for that date.
Underneath the graph is related terms that you can use to compare the trends. Under
this is another section that includes popular pins for that search. You can click any of
these to see them in more detail. Sometimes this search will even include some
keyword colored blocks to indicate terms associated with it.

Comparing terms

The other great feature of Trends is being able to compare up to four keywords at a
time. You can choose from related terms under the graph or search for something.
Each graph will have its own color and the one with the most searches will be the one
with the highest spike.
So if you wanted to see when spring dresses were popular and when the trend switched
to talking about summer dresses, you could add both terms and see when the graph
showed one died off and the other picked up.

Using Trends for content research

As well as finding out when you should publish content to get the maximum exposure

on Pinterest, Trends helps you find ideas for long-tail keywords you might not have
considered. The suggested terms underneath will often include related or long-term
keywords. The more you explore, the more you find.

A handy free tool

Trends is a handy free tool now included on most Pinterest accounts. It is helpful for
seasonal content, for occasions and events, and also to get ideas for content topics that
are a little more specific and therefore likely to rank for a newer account. Don’t forget to
compare with other parts of the world too for a fuller picture

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