School holidays – what to do?

School holidays are coming up in the UK, and they coincide with so called Freedom Day, so it means you are going to have a lot more options than before.

Before they break up however, lets think about the teachers – they have worked so hard for our children over the last 18 months; nobody signed up to work in a pandemic, and the way that teachers and teaching staff have adapted to Zoom classes, bubbles, isolation homeworking and more has been nothing short of amazing. I am sure you would like to thank your teachers, teaching assistants and favourite dinnerladies, so why not check this out for some fantastic gift ideas.

Once school has ended, what to do? We suggest you try to make a loose plan for each week – of course, weather in the UK is always difficult but you can change the days around in the schedule. You also don’t want to spend too much money – so why not check out our ideas for staycations, for some free ideas. You can also find some fantastic ideas here.

Parks – free, fun, healthy. Why not get a group of mums together and organise your own sports day? Everyone could bring a picnic and make a day of it

Cinema – try to time it for the kids clubs which are on early in the morning, this is great value. If not, try to avoid the popcorn stand and instead take your own healthy snacks. You are allowed to take them in!

Theatres – if budget stretches to it, go to a city near you for a matinee performance. You can then theme all your activities that week around the show – reading the original story, making your own performance for family and friends, how to write a stage play

Cooking at home – it doesn’t have to be all baking! Why not set your little darlings a task to prepare all the meals on one day? They can make beans on toast for breakfast, wrap pizzas for lunch, and a pasta dish for tea. Of course, you need to supervise, but it makes the children feel grown up. Just make sure you get them to clean up too! (Even if we know you will be doing it yourself again later!) Check this post out for ideas on how to make rainbow rice.

Why not have a reading day? Get out all of the favourite books, theme some activities around them – even lunch! Its so important to keep reading with your children.

How about some gardening? Find out how to make a planter out of a pallet here.

We will fill this post with all of your suggestions on things to do during the summer, so please email us and we will add your ideas.

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