Staycation? We have you covered!

holiday at home

A staycation is not normally what travel writers would be talking about. The past year has meant that foreign holidays in the sun have been a rarity, and we don’t yet know what this  year will bring.  Lots of people have had their jobs affected too, so it means that even if we are allowed to jet off, not everyone will be able to.  So what do you do if you want a holiday, but can’t go anywhere?  Yes, you can go to a caravan site or cottage in this country – but what if you could have a holiday in your own home?

1 – Book a week off work (even if you work from home)

Don’t make any plans with friends, and don’t plan any DIY or decorating.  This is an alternative to a week in Greece, so you don’t want to be cleaning or painting.  Make sure everyone knows you’re on holiday – if you don’t normally go on holiday with your neighbours, you don’t want to be having awkward conversations over the begonias. A staycation is still a holiday!

2 – Meal planning

You have two choices here – if you really love cooking, and actually your ideal holiday would be a week cooking in france, then take the time to get some lovely ingredients in and spend the afternoons cooking a fantastic dinner. If you usually go out, then (if COVID allows) book some meals in local restaurants that you have never tried before, and get some lovely breakfast goodies in.  Croissants and smoked salmon sure beats a bowl of cereal! Think about the types of food and drink you would usually eat on holiday, and get it all in the day before your holiday starts.  You could also organise a recipe delivery box like Hello Fresh or Gousto which is a great mix between convenience and the fun of cooking a luxury meal.

3 – Sunbathing (or not)

If you hit upon a gorgeous week in the UK, then absolutely get the garden ready for it!  Loungers or towels for lying on, plastic glasses for your drinks, ice buckets for your beer.  If its going to rain, you can still do those things under a gazebo. 

If its cold, or you don’t have a garden, make a relaxing haven in your lounge.  Close the curtains, arrange cushions and blankets on the floor, and put on some music.  If you normally love reading on holiday, nestle yourself in a pile of cushions and read away! Staycation here we come! Why not watch a film in a relaxing bath, nut make sure your bathroom is beautiful first.

4 – TV and films

Be careful here – you don’t want to spend the week in front of the telly BUT if you are selective you can use your own Netflix to replicate a trip to the cinema or theatre.  Choose lighthearted musicals rather than murder and crime – and definitely avoid the news!  You are on holiday! 

You can set up a projector either in your house or garden, get all the beanbags and cushions you can, and settle down for a night at the cinema.  Make sure to remember the popcorn and hot dogs!

5 – Days out

Depending on budget and COVID restrictions, you could plan a couple of great days out locally.  Do you have any stately homes or castles you could visit?  Or simply a long walk in a forest or on a local beach would be a great alternative to a sweaty off site tour in Turkey!

You can also do lots indoors whatever the weather, particularly with kids – or why not head out for some of our most beautiful beaches in the UK ; or check out Whats On in your local area.

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