Summer garden ideas

As some of our holiday plans have had to change, why not try a summer garden makeover this year? People tend to ignore their gardens in favour of their home interiors but why not use your garden as an extension of your beautiful home? Your garden can be an extra room for relaxing, entertaining and more. Here are a few summer garden ideas.

Gardens are not only for plants and flowers. They can also be used as a space for artistic expression through the use of sculptures and benches and other such decorative items. Try visiting garden centres or home stores for beautiful outdoor mirrors. These will not only look beautiful, but can make a smaller garden look bigger. Watch where you put it, you don’t want sunlight shining directly on to it. Another suggestion for garden ornaments is a fire pit – hours of fun with kids and marshmallows!

You can add a summerhouse or garden cabin, to maximise the usage of your garden. You could use it as an office, an extra seating area, or a snug for teenagers. Or perhaps, all three!

The trend of garden cabins has increased over the last few years, which has led to an increase in decking products to accommodate their construction. Decking materials provide an aesthetically pleasing finish for your outdoor space which will help make your garden cabin feel more like home. You could also get an inflatable hot tub on a new plastic deck which not only would look amazing, but will be a fantastic luxury experience with a reasonable budget. Or go the whole hog and get a proper hot tub to sit on that decking.

Plastic decking provides an aesthetically pleasing, durable and low cost way to create a raised decking surface. Composite decking looks beautiful and is not only resistant, but is low maintenance too. Make sure to send us your pictures of your fantastic new gardens, and if you have any more summer garden ideas, let us know.

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