6 tips for packing when moving house

Moving into a new home can be a difficult time for anyone. It’s always an exciting occasion but can also be stressful.  It is said that moving house is one of the most stresfful things to go through.  There are always lots of ups and downs while you are waiting for your mortgage to go through.  Sometimes the chain falls down at the last minute which is so disappointing.  So to finally get to the end of the road and get your moving in date, is a great feeling. If you are still selling, look at these fab money saving tips first!

Moving house is a stressful experience as there are so many things to do and remember. Here are some packing tips that might help you make the process a little easier.

1 – Declutter! Get rid of any clutter in your old home before you move out. This will make packing up easier and also leave your new place feeling more spacious and inviting! We live in a time where we buy things on impulse to fill a need that only lasts for a short period of time. We buy more than we need and then find ourselves with piles of clutter that make our homes feel small and suffocating. It’s time to take control of your home by decluttering, organizing, and making space for the things that really matter.  However, top tip – involve the children!  Don’t throw away their favourite toys but let them choose the toys they want to give to charity.

2 Label each box with a marker according to its content, this will make unpacking much simpler.  Have a clipboard with a master sheet which will list every single box you have, where it is going and roughly what it contains.  For example, Box 1 – Kitchen, glassware.  You should also stick a sign on each door in the new house, so that the removal men, or friends that are helping you know where everything goes.  They won’t know which is the spare bedroom!.

3 Make sure you are using boxes that are big enough to hold all of your belongings, but not too big that it becomes difficult for you to transport them from one place to another.  You shouldn’t overfill them.  They need to be strong but not too heavy to lift.  Remember not to put light things at the bottom of the boxes or they WILL get damaged.  Use packing materials such as bubble wrap and tissue paper to protect your more delicate items.  Blankets and towels work well for this too and save you having to recycle lots of packaging at the end of the move.

4  Pack in advance – start packing now and finish when the time comes. It will save you time and effort.  When you are selling your home it will help to remove personal items from the rooms anyway, so that potential buyers can see the house and not your home.  This way you get a head start with your packing too.  Check out some of these Banff Homes for sale for some great inspiration.

5  Use wardrobe bags – rather than moving clothes separately, pack them all together in wardrobe bags which are easier to carry and store than suitcases or boxes.  This saves a whole lot of time having to rehang clothes.  If you run out of wardrobe boxes, another option is to use a trash bag/binliner.  Put a hole in the bottom and then put it over a bundle of hung clothes, with the coat hanger popping out at the hole you made.  Think of a dry cleaning bag!  This will protect your clothes and mean you can just hang them straight up in your new wardrobes.

6) Pack things like toiletries, medicines, kettle and tea making supplies separately.  Take them with you in the car so you have them all ready as soon as you get there.  Take bottles of water for the removal team, and snacks for all of you.  If you are moving with children, pack them each a little rucksack with activities, snacks and drinks.  Also provide them with a cushion or small folding chair so that they have somewhere to sit if they need to.

We really hope you enjoy moving house and love your new home.  For more organising tips click here.

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