Travelling abroad in a pandemic

We have all missed out on so much over the past year or so, lost loved ones and missed massive occasions like graduations, proms and much more. The pandemic is far from over and its not something we want to go into in lots of detail on here, but restrictions are relaxing. (As of July 19th 2021) We are now able to fly to some countries, and so thought we would document our experience of travelling abroad in a pandemic.

We (two adults, no kids this time!) had previously booked a beautiful hotel in Italy. However currently Italy require UK citizens to isolate for 5 days, so we have had to cancel. After lots and lots of looking, we have finally chosen a beautiful resort in Rhodes, called Eden Roc. Its a five star all inclusive, with several a la carte restaurants. For me, separate waiter service restaurants are really key. I don’t like the hustle and bustle of buffets, and I find you all end up eating alone as someone is getting up as you are sitting down! One tip I have if you do eat in buffets, is to try to treat it like a proper meal. Starter, main course then dessert. You wouldn’t have 6 different things on your plate at home, so just pick a main dish with some sides. It makes it feel more special.

However, we have to get there first! We are both double vaccinated so as I type we don’t have to isolate when we get back, nor do we have to test before we enter Greece. However, we need to get tested before entering the UK, and then on day 2 when we have returned. I am currently looking at different testing options. The hotel does their own for twenty euros.

Forms and guidance

If you are travelling abroad in a pandemic, make sure you check the entry requirements for the country you are going to. Google FCDO Greece (for example) and you will see everything you need to do. For example, for Greece, we need to complete a passenger locator form. Then when we return, we need to do a passenger locator form for the UK. You will be refused access to the plane if you don’t have everything you need, including vaccine certificates, negative test results if required, and proof that you have booked your Day 2 tests. Its super important to check the most up to date information, hence why you should check the FCDO website.

More to come!! We will review the hotel and let you know how the plane trip goes! In the meantime, check out this post on how to keep your money safe abroad – pandemic or no!

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