Travelling with children

If you are looking forward to your next break away with the family, its likely that you are also dreading some parts of the holiday! The journey is always the worst bit, whether travelling alone or with kids – but a solo airport coffee is probably a lot more appealing than trying to keep kids occupied when they are so excited for their holiday. Travelling with children can be fun, really!

A great way to keep kids entertained is by packing them their own backpack. If you are travelling abroad, try to wait till the plane takes off before giving it to them, to maximise the time they spend with their goodies. In the airport, try taking them round the duty free, order a snack – and of course plane spotting!

What should go in the backpack?

Snacks – not chocolate, or anything that could get messy. Dry biscuits, chopped fruit, crisps and small cakes are perfect options. If you are travelling by car or train, include drinks too. At the airport, you will need to wait till you get through security before buying drinks.

Favourite teddy – having their most treasured cuddly toy will help if there are any tears on a long flight.

Blanket and travel pillow – not only will this entertain your child (oooh a pillow for my neck!) it will be a godsend when the aircon hits, or if they have been in the car a while and just want to snuggle. You can view some children’s travel products here.

New toys – get some small toys for the relevant age group, make sure they aren’t noisy or require too much assembly. A new Lol Doll would be perfect!

Books and crafts – new and exciting books and activities will keep your kids going all the way to the beach. Look out for books that will double up as both an activity, and a book. Fantastic children’s books website Over The Rainbow is the ideal place to look for these.

You can search by age, and pick out the best books for your child. We were lucky enough to review two great ideas – one is a Lol Dolls set of metallic stickers which can be coloured in with the included felt pens. Kids love stickers, and stickers you can colour in are a sure-fire hit. We also tried this fantastic puffy sticker and activity book which has loads of great puzzles in it, plus some push out cardboard templates that you can then make cars, tractors and more from. This would provide you with hours of fun because of the variety of activities.

You can pick some really great books and activities from Over The Rainbow, and you can even buy more grown up crossword puzzles for yourself or a teenager. We thoroughly recommend this fantastic small business. Check out their Facebook or Instagram pages for updates. (This is a sponsored post but views are all my own)

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