Treating the common cold

The cold and flu season is upon us and it is important to know how to get relief from a bad cold. There are many treatments for the common cold, but here we look at some of the best.

cold and flu

A cold is an infection of the upper airway caused by a virus. The symptoms can include cough, runny nose, and sore throat. Colds can last up to two weeks.

There are many ways to treat a cold or flu. Some of the most common treatments include paracetamol, ibuprofen, vapor rubs or eucalyptus oil, hot soup, and home remedies like chicken soup. There are also sore throat remedies, decongestants for nasal congestion and cough syrups to ease a cough..

The most common cold remedies are over-the-counter medications like paracetamol or ibuprofen. These are generally used for treating mild to moderate pain caused by a fever and sore throat. Vapour rubs and eucalyptus oil can be used for congestion relief. To relieve symptoms such as coughing or congestion, it is important to drink plenty of fluids and avoid cigarettes smoke, pollution, and other irritants that might trigger more coughing.

We recommend using ColdZyme® as soon as you feel like you are getting a cold – it acts against the cold virus by forming a protective membrane at the back of the throat, making it harder for that nasty cold virus to cause illness.  It can help to reduce the length of time you have a cold for, if used at the first symptom, as it actively works against the virus and not just the symptoms.


ColdZyme® is a mouth spray that is suitable for children and adults aged 4 plus.  We have tried it and its a fantastically easy way of helping to prevent a cold.  It hasn’t got a horrible taste, so little ones will not be turned off, and it comes in great size bottles helpfully labelled – enough for one or three colds!

Most people know that chicken soup is a home remedy for the common cold but did you know that it is also helpful in relieving a sore throat? It helps heal a sore throat because it contains salt which coats the throat and provides relief from pain.

Home remedies are a popular alternative to medicine. Some of them are proven to be effective while others have no proven benefits..

Some home remedies that are known to help people with their colds are: drinking lots of fluids, hot tea with honey and lemon, chicken soup with vegetables such as ginger or garlic, ginger biscuits from the grocery store (check ingredients) and staying away from spicy food (it dries out your body). Check out other ways to eat healthily here.

ColdZyme® is available from Boots, Morrisons Pharmacy, independent pharmacies and also Amazon. is available from Boots, Morrisons Pharmacy, independent pharmacies and also Amazon.

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