Valentine’s Special

Valentine’s Day is coming up – how exciting!  Some people really hate it – I don’t!  What a great excuse to have a really romantic time, some fun, or just a lovely meal.

I did a straw poll in the office, and around 70% of us (in the office, not the world – don’t quote me on this!) buy and receive presents for Valentine’s – if we are in a relationship.  None of us would consider sending a card to someone they aren’t already in a relationship with.  I think that might just be a school thing – remember the excitement and build up?  And of course the crushing disappointment if you didn’t get a card!

Going out?

Restaurants naturally cash in on this, but then you get the lovely Valentine’s decorations, the lovely set menu – its not a bad thing.  It’s important to make an effort and dedicate some time to your relationship and what better time to do it than Valentine’s night; dressing up in your best outfit, spritzing on some True Pheromones and reconnecting with each other once again. However, if you want to avoid all the decorations and fuss, you can always go out on a different night.  Or, you can stay in with one of the fantastic supermarket meal deals.  Some of them provide steak and prosecco – and often for under £20.  You can decorate the table, get some candles and music on; and of course, no taxi home!


Gifts can be contentious – some people will buy for their partner but not get a gift in return, some people will go all out; others just get a card.  All of those are fine – but you need to try and agree it, to avoid future friction.  You don’t have to spend a fortune, just a lovely thoughtful gift that you know your loved one will appreciate.

Personalised items are a great touch – our friends at Always Personal have a huge selection of Valentine’s goodies on offer.  A name or message really shows you have thought about the present, and made it really personal to them.  You could get a beautiful photo cushion of your most memorable time, or even a special framed print with your song on it.  These gifts are great value but will truly show you have made an effort.

We were lucky enough to review this fab wooden keyring set – each of you has a keyring with your name on it, and of course they merge to make the perfect love heart.  This is only £9.95 and the quality is excellent.  Its also packaged in a lovely velvet bag.

If you want to go down the more practical route, why not personalise a kitchen item!  Cheeseboards, chopping boards and wine glass holders are all beautifully engraved with a name or message; meaning every time they use them, they will think of you.  We tried out the wooden cheeseboard with magnetic knives – again the quality is excellent and would make the perfect gift.

Hopefully this will help you be the perfect Valentine this year.

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