What to do when you want to go back to work

Being a parent means you may have had to set your professional goals aside for a while to be with and raise a family. While your kids may have needed you in the past, maybe now they’re more independent and you find yourself itching to get back to work again.

Although you may have had a strong and successful career in the past, a lot may have changed between when you quit and the present moment. The business world is always changing and evolving and you may not have been keeping up with your skillset as a stay-at-home mum. In this case, learn what to do when you want to return to the workforce so you can have a smooth transition.

Consider Your Skills & Passion

Start by evaluating your current skills and what you’re passionate about as you work on fulfilling your dreams. It may be different now than it was when you were working previously. Think about what skill set and talents you have to offer and why employers might want to hire you over someone else. Evaluate and reflect on what you think will make you happy and how you want to spend your days going forward before diving in.

Prepare Yourself

It’s also important that you take time to prepare yourself for returning to the workforce. You must be mentally prepared as well as have the right skills and abilities for applying for jobs. You may want to look into taking some of the soft skills STL Learning programs as a starting point. These courses are full of helpful information that will give you a better chance of succeeding as you put yourself back out there again. Taking some refresher courses and focusing on your soft skills will give you more knowledge and more confidence in yourself.

Volunteer or Start Small

You may also want to begin with volunteering your time and starting small when it comes to returning to the workforce. You’ll get more comfortable getting up and ready each day and having to be somewhere. It’ll be a good way to remind yourself about how to work well with others and you may meet new people who can provide you with career guidance as well. Other ideas include completing freelance work or working an entry-level position as you search for a long-term job.

Gather Feedback from Others

When you want to return to the workforce then you may want to ask others about their experience too. Gather feedback and advice from those who’ve been in your position before and went back to work after being away for some time. They will likely have insights and advice for you that will be useful as you begin job searching and figuring out which company or position will be a good fit for you.


These tips will help you return to the workforce more seamlessly and with the right attitude. Be patient because it can take time to find a secure and rewarding job. In the meantime, enjoy being with your family and discovering more about yourself and your unique skills. 

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