Working from home – tips for a home office

A few years ago, most people would only work from home on occasion, or maybe once a week (always on a Friday, have you noticed?) Working from home was a perk that you were able to use if you had a sick child, or your car was in for service.

However, in the last year or so, most people that could work from home, have done so.  Now that restrictions are relaxing, more people are going back into the office.  However, now that companies have seen that employees can be just as productive at home, many are moving to a fully working from home model, or at the very least a hybrid model of a day or two in the office and the rest of the time at home. Working from home is becoming more popular and widespread as technology has made it easier for people to stay connected and complete tasks efficiently.

Home working is great because it can help improve job satisfaction, productivity, and happiness. Working from home can help improve the quality of life for many people who struggle to find balance in their lives.

When we first went into the pandemic, some people just worked at their dining tables (or even in bed!) but as we realised that this was going to be a longer term option, many of us started to look at creating a home office.

Some people may find it difficult to get started with finding an office space in their house that will allow them to work efficiently while being able to maintain a sense of personal space.

I haven’t got a spare room!

If you haven’t got the room for an office, why not consider looking for a property with a ready made office or snug?  Many of us have saved a lot of money during the pandemic, with less people going on holidays or eating out, so why not consider moving?

Buying a new property with a mortgage is one of the most common ways to invest in property. It doesn’t matter if you are doing it for the first time or you have done it many times before. You should always know the following things before buying a property:

– How much can you afford for your monthly payments?

– What is your maximum budget?

– Look at the terms of your mortgage?

– Check out some of the down payment/deposit options available to you?

Its really important to check what you would be paying – click here for a great mortgage calculator which tells you everything from monthly payments, to total outlay.  You should also see how much you can afford.  Add in all your outgoings here to see exactly what you can and can’t afford to look at!  Remember, if this is your first purchase, check out the various schemes available like Help to Buy.

Purchasing a new property may be one of the most difficult decisions you have to make. It has to be right – you need to know you can afford it and you need to understand the risks if you are moving to a bigger property.  Check out things like council tax, water bills, electric and gas.

The housing market is quite competitive and it can be hard to compare costs and benefits.  Have a look at sold prices in your area to give you an idea of what you will be paying.

The average person spends a third of their life at home. That’s why it’s so important to find a place where you feel happy and safe. It’s important to be on the same page with your partner about the type of house you want – do you prefer more space or a better neighbourhood?

Follow these steps for finding the perfect new house:

– Identify your needs and budget

– Find out what type of home will suit you

– Consider where you are willing to live

– Write down all the pros and cons of each potential property

Once you’ve found your new home, here is the fun bit – setting up that office!

When looking for an office in your house, it can be difficult to find space that is conducive to both working and having a sense of personal space. Many people will resort to using their bedrooms as an office but this can cause distractions from sleeping and maintaining personal boundaries with roommates or family members. Setting up a separate room for an office is usually the best option.

Creating a home office is not as difficult as it may seem. With proper planning and some creativity, you can easily turn any room in your house into a functional work space.

If you are looking for inspiration, here are some ideas to get you going:

-Create a workstation for yourself. Don’t use the dining table!

-Optimise your house WiFi to give yourself the best connection possible. Your work network is usually not based on WiFi, so consider connecting directly to your router.

-Create a nice environment, with calming colours on the walls

-Put all your stationery and files on shelves, you don’t want to be scrabbling about in boxes

-Get an Alexa so you can have quiet music playing

-Do you have a dog?  Get a dog bed in the same room and they will soon realise that is the place to be!

For more great suggestions, click here!

Do you have any other work from home tips?  Let me know –

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