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Money saving tips are all over the internet but what are some of the best ways to save money on your food shopping? Its so important these days to eat healthily but that can be expensive. Yellow sticker shopping is the way to go!

Why not try targeting your food shopping? Schedule your shopping times for when you know the staff will be putting on those lovely yellow stickers! If you haven’t seen a yellow sticker before, its when items are reduced down because they are either nearing their best before or use by date. Sometimes because a shop just has too many of them. Usually, towards the end of the day, there will be fresh food that has to be thrown away – so they will mark them down, often quite considerably.

We obviously don’t want mouldy food – but the beauty of it is that you can take it home and freeze it. You can freeze meat, of course. You could also blanch or cook most vegetables. If you have some reduced bread, you could even pre make your sandwiches for the week, and freeze them! Take a sandwich out the night before, and lunch is sorted!

Fruit is harder to preserve, but you can stew things like plums and nectarines, and make a delicious compote to go with yoghurt. You could also chop it all up and have a lovely fruit salad for breakfast the next day. For less than half the price!

Cakes and biscuits often get reduced too – some cakes can be frozen! Others can be made into trifles – or why not make a cheesecake with biscuits that are a couple of days over. Look at more food waste ideas here.

Yellow sticker shopping is also a great way of stretching your budget for treats for the kids – the aforementioned cakes and biscuits, pre prepared snacks. Sometimes even milkshakes or smoothies are available. If you are home educating because of COVID or otherwise, why not make pre prepared snack boxes of yellow sticker items, this way you know what your kids are eating, AND you know you’ve saved money. For more great ideas check this out!

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